Senior Colorist

Grading can be more than technically matching shots. Colors have the ability to generate emotions and support the story. Daniel developed his techniques for over 15 years and his work is significantly inspired by the characteristics of real analog film stock looks and painters who vitalized skin tones with a rich variety of colors.

mail: daniel@embel-studio.com
phone: +43 (0)699 171 147 04


Colorist & VFX Artist

Experimenting in the fields of drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, cinematography and more he specialised in color correction and visual effects. Over the last 15 years he worked on all kind of projects including award winning short and feature films, high end commercials as well as art projects.

mail: andreas@embel-studio.com
phone: +43 (0)650 248 48 42


Editor & Post Production Producer

All threads of a film production are gathered in the editing suite. Working as an editor an post production producer on award-winning documentaries and feature films Stefan is dedicated to the art of the cut.
He teaches post production at the FH BFI Vienna and is a passionate violinist.

mail: stefan@embel-studio.com


Motion Designer, Editor & VFX Artist

Since his graduation from MultiMediaArt in 2013 he worked on feature films, documentaries, music videos as well as commercials and all kinds of animations for a huge variety of clients in North America and Europe. He is an award-winning and internationally performing/exhibiting Media Artist.

mail: micha@embel-studio.com
phone: +43 (0)681 813 317 12
web: www.michaelias.com


Editor & Video Artist

After graduating from MultiMediaArt in 2009 he worked on documentaries, did video design for concerts / opera & theatre productions, created music videos and commercials. His passion for creating videos knows no boundaries in genre, context or format.

mail: jakob@embel-studio.com